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PIOTR KOZAKIEWICZ – Born in Warsaw, living in Wola district. The guy who fell in love with his hometown and definitely in fond of travelling – a hothead, a Warsaw person. His childhood idols are Tony Halik and Elżbieta Dzikowska – travelers and creators of a 90’s famous TV show called ‘Pepper & Vanilla’. Despite the fact he has travelled a lot and has seen many countries he still claims that the most beautiful place on Earth is HERE in Poland – Warsaw –his home!

Peter graduated with master degree in Political Science with a specialisation of Modern International Relationships on WSP TWP Collage in Warsaw. His career started dynamically with a job at Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw and then evolved in e.g. ‘Polish Community’ Association and Japanese Embassy in Warsaw.

Peter’s personality was created by numerous people he has had an opportunity to meet and work with. Such PEOPLE are Tomasz Merta, prof. Andrzej Stelmachowski, prof. Ryszard Brykowski, prof. Mitsuhiko Toho, Jacek Miler, and many more.

His life-adventure and passion for travelling are a fact but working in this profession was a result of a stroke of luck.


People from the touristic business found him on their own and suggested that he should try working as a tour leader – but first he had to pass a national exam to receive a special certificate. He succeeded! Next step was to achieve other certificates – this time in touristic-English language and additional license of Warsaw City Guide – this was Peter’s own decision and paid off!

First years of career in this business seemed to be tough, but also pushed Peter forward against all odds – as he started to cooperate with one of the biggest tour-operators in Poland. He was assigned to be a full-time Resident/Tour Leader in Greece. Since then he is known by many people as a specialist in planning big tour programs and also as a creator of a few additional original excursions – which are still present in tour-operator’s catalogue.

At the same time Peter started a cooperation with different touristic companies which work throughout Europe and Poland.

He has been working with adults, children, teens, students as well as children with mental and movement disorder. These tasks were a real challenge – but he has always known that he’ll manage this kind of work as well.


From time to time Peter forgets about attachment to material world and works free of charge with small children in local pre schools. He is an author of a special multimedial presentation full of colorful photographs, music and mini-games which tell a story: ‘Who is a Tour Leader?’ and ‘What does this mysterious person do for living?

When we asked him: ‘How would you describe yourself in just three words?’ he answered: ‘The hothead. The traveler. The teacher.’ No more questions. That’s who he really is.

At the same time Peter is an owner of a small but dynamically developing touristic company. He is the Tour Leader, the Resident, and the Warsaw City Guide. Maybe he is somewhere far away or maybe he’s just behind the corner.

Piotr Kozakiewicz

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